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What is

Linders Leasing

Linders Leasing offers businesses a cost effective and simple way of using a vehicle for business purposes. In essence, Contract Hire with Linders Leasing requires no deposit, has fixed costs for the duration of the hire and covers all maintenance needed on the vehicle.

At the end of the contract you simply return the vehicle – so you do not need to worry about resale value. If you like the idea of being able to budget all of your motoring costs on a monthly basis, then Linders Leasing’s Contract Hire could be right for you.

To get started please contact Keith or Ross in our LEASING Department on [email protected] or alternatively call 01-8648212

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What does my monthly payment include?

Your monthly payment will be set and will include the following:

  • All vehicle road tax
  • All DOE Tests
  • All Tyres
  • All Servicing
  • Unlimited warranty and roadside assistance
  • Replacement vehicles for servicing/breakdown
  • Dedicated Leasing help desk
  • Nationwide service locations

How does Linders Leasing benefit my business?

Improved cash flow:Linders Leasing requires no deposit. The vat on your rentals (LCV) is reclaimable on a regular basis over the term of the contract, rather than one lump sum.

A fixed monthly cost:You know exactly what your monthly motoring outgoings will be. We spread the costs of leasing and maintenance evenly over the term that you have the vehicle.

Contract flexibility:We tailor the length of the contract to suit your needs from two to five years. This also takes your expected mileage into account. You decide what is right for you.

Lower finance costs:We make your motoring budget go further by consolidating all of your motoring costs into one payment.Reliability and safety:For safety, peace of mind and to ensure all your motoring costs are covered, count on our guaranteed maintenance. This way you know your vehicle is in roadworthy condition. We even provide the Annual Road Tax and the CVRT for commercial vehicles for the duration of the contract. 24 hour Roadside Assistance for the duration of your contract.

No risk of depreciation At the end of the contract: you just hand the vehicle back to us with an option to choose a brand new model or a different new vehicle of your choice. We take the risk of depreciation and the hassle of selling on the vehicle. You will only be responsible for returning the vehicle in a good condition in line with our fair wear and tear guidelines and within the contractual mileage.