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The all-new Renault Master is more efficient, more practical and more versatile than its predecessor. The Master can take load volumes up to 17m3 and payloads up to 1610 KG for the 3.5T version and 2254kg for the 4.5T versions. Renault have designed a cabin and loading area that meets the demands of everyday van drivers. The cabin and loading area are both more practical and has a full width maximum load length of 4383mm.

A strong and dynamic front end means the all new Master is more efficient. This efficiency is increased even further with Renault’s latest ECO mode button. Available as a van, crew cab, chassis cab, dual cab, platform cab and drop-side flatbed, Renault gives you the choice.

The Master includes lots of additional safety features like their latest innovative ‘Wide View Mirror’ which allows you to see your blind spot.

Check out some of the Renault Masters best features below.

The all-new Renault Master costs from as little as €21,700, Drop into your closest Linders dealership or arrange a test drive today.

Linders Renault Dublin has a whole range of new Renault Master’s available. If you would like to find out more, please contact us now. 


master interior 2017

No matter how big or small your business is, the Renault Master is perfect for you. Renault designers and engineers have created a commercial vehicle that is a real compromise between comfort and loading capacity. The Master is able to hold load volumes of up to 17m3 and payloads up to 1610 kg (3.5T versions) and 2254 kg (4.5T versions).

Available as a van, crew cab, chassis cab, dual cab, platform cab and drop-side flatbed, you can now choose which option fits your business better. An ergonomic interior and plenty of on-board storage allows business owners operate in a comfortable workspace. Stay connected on the go with your Bluetooth/DAB radio and Renault's clever R-link Multimedia system. 

Renault Master crew van

2017 colours for masterCustomise your van to suit your business needs with the Master’s multifunctional business features. Include non-slip wooden floors to protect precious cargo or include some extra lashing rings to keep everything secure. Renault have now included a 270° rear door system that is held by a magnetic catch. 

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