New Renault Trafic Commercial Vehicle - Dynamic, robust and stylish

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  • 2017 Renault traffic interior


The all-new Renault TRAFIC has been designed to be more practical and more versatile than its predecessor, meeting that needs of all professionals no matter how big or small your business may be. Available in panel, crew and passenger options the Renault Traffic has remained a popular choice amongst Irish business owners.

The robust Trafic has up to 270 different versions and options to choose from. A comfortable cabin with adjustable seats, storage compartments and even a holder for your laptop makes the Trafic perfect for your business.

Packed full of innovative technology and safety features Renault have created the ultimate driving experience that is both entertaining and safe.

The all-new Renault Traffic is available from as little as €22,295. Drop into your closest Linders dealership or arrange a test drive today.

Linders Renault Dublin has a whole range of new Renault Trafic’s available. If you would like to find out more, please contact us now

2017 renault traffic interior

Inside the Trafic Renault have created a driver focused CAB that offers plenty of storage and innovative technology to ensure an entertaining and safe drive.

 The front cab has up to 90 litres of storage and even includes a holder for your laptop. Renault recognises that for some people their vehicle can also be their office. Their designers have included tablet and smartphone holders as well as the latest technology to ensure that you are fully connected at all times. Connect to R & Go and listen to your favourite music, place calls or find your next destination with safe innovative technology at your fingertips.

inside the 2017 Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic Design

The Renault Trafic is now available in three separate options; panel, crew or passenger.

Panel van

Introducing a new load volume of 5.2m3 to over 8m3 the Panel option gives you the space you need for your business. Choose from short or long wheelbase, low or high roof, glazed or panelled. The

Crew Van

Seating for 6, transport your passengers to and from site with still enough space to transport goods or tools.


Looking for a commercial vehicle with the option to transport clients or employees, the passenger version of the Trafic can seat up to 9 individuals. 

Commercial Renault Traffic Colours
Renault Traffic accessories

The Renault Trafic has been designed to be more practical and more versatile than its predecessor. It now comes with almost 270 different versions and options to choose from making the Trafic a perfect mode of transport for any business.

Protect your cargo with up to 18 lashing rings attached to walls and the floor or include interior racks and carry loads with a length of 2 up to a maximum weight of 13kg.

Renault allows you to choose from wooden floors or even side panels further protecting your merchandise or cargo.

Renault Traffic
2017 Traffic engine performance

Renault have used their latest 1.6 dCi engine in the all new Trafic with the options of a variable geometry dCi90 & dCi 115and a twin turbo Energy dCi 120 and an Energy dCi 140 engine. Their twin turbo technology along with S&S (Stop & Start) gives drivers a fuel consumption of an impressive 39mpg.

Minimise fuel costs whilst giving you more power and speed even under a heavy load with the new Trafic. You can now experience greater responsiveness when re-starting or moving away.

Looking for more information on Renault Engine performance – Check out this video now

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